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Nima Sand Museum

Located facing the Japan Sea, the town of Nima – my birthplace – is solely famous for its “singing sand beach.” The grains of sand are extremely fine, so they produce a hollow sound when walked on. In order to reinvigorate the town, with its relentlessly declining population, the mayor proposed using this sand to create the world’s biggest one-year hourglass, and to build a “sand museum” in which it would be the main exhibit. I was then selected as the architect. At that point, the mayor already intuitively felt that this museum should be designed using a pyramid motif, which gave a strong impetus to my ideas. My final proposal was based on the scene of the Pyramids I had witnessed during a visit to Egypt I made at the start of the design process. That is to say, I envisaged symbolizing as architecture the overwhelming presence of that harmonious scene of larger and smaller pyramids. I later named this “group form.”

Site area
Building area
Total area
Completion Date
: Shimane JAPAN
: B2F
: 63,423m2
: 1,084m2
: 1,124m2
: 1990