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Nagasaki Ferry Terminal

A spirited architect from Nagasaki was appointed to be the new prefectural commissioner, and instead of a master plan he decided to present a “master image” for the city, a strategy in which each project is assigned to a different architect to design, with this master image as their shared perception. He considers it to be a naturopathy-like urban design – that is to say, while curing affected parts with modest projects as stimulus points, the entire city is conceived with a method analogous to traditional Chinese medicine. As a node on the routes between the scattered islands in the area, this facility was the first project undertaken using these pioneering and experimental policies, and is positioned so as to assume the symbolic role of instantly making the new master image known to the public. The site is located at the bottom of the mortar-shaped Nagasaki harbor, from where absolutely nothing interrupts the view. Its extremely primitive form, nothing more than an inverted cone vertically penetrating a 96m-long elliptical cylinder, was used on the premise that the architecture has a symbolic obligation to the unavoidable strength of the site.

Site area
Building area
Total area
Completion Date
: Nagasaki JAPAN
: 2F
: 8,160m2
: 3,596m2
: 5,645m2
: 1995