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Nose Myoken-san Worship Hall “ SEIREI ”

I was engaged to design this building for the ascetic training of Buddhist monks, located in a spiritual place called Nose Myoukenzan, a sacred mountain. Immediately after I visited the site – located in the forest at the summit of the mountain – I presented a proposal that couldn’t have been clearer. It comprises a tower and a supporting podium. The tower takes the icon of the sacred mountain as its design motif, and is supported by timber from sacred trees more than a century-old, felled on the site. A glass floor has been suspended inside the tower, and training monks prostrate themselves on this swaying, transparent floor. This is itself the result of pursuing a form that condenses the entire sacred mountain.

Site area
Building area
Total area
: Hyogo JAPAN
: B1F 2F
: 2,645m2
: 523m2
: 901m2
: 1998