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Saifukuji Temple

This is a reconstruction of the dilapidated main hall of Saifukuji Temple. There were no specific requirements aside from making a fire-resistant building in something other than wood, and keeping the floor area smaller than that of the demolished hall. To meet the former requirement, it was sufficient to adopt a reinforced-concrete structure, but the latter requirement actually concealed a fundamental problem. That is to say, even while reducing the spatial capacity, I had to find a spatial composition that wouldn’t impair the performance of the traditional rituals. To physically shorten the length of the axis was a particularly difficult problem. I resolved it with a method of “multiple layering.” By layering the functional zones, the depth axis was compressed. In this way, I could attain the spatial depth and intensity that is essential for religious spaces

Site area
Building area
Total area
Completion Date
: Gifu JAPAN
: 1F
: 1,439m2
: 235m2
: 192m2
: 1982