Shin Takamatsu Architect and Associates Co.,Ltd. 株式会社高松伸建築設計事務所

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“Design the architecture, and we will decide how to use it once it is complete”: that was the only request made by the client to the architect. It was almost the same as being confronted with the philosophical proposition, “what is architecture for you?” Faced with such a difficult and abstract problem, I sought spaces and shapes from within my endless discussions with the client, and the nearly three-hundred-year history of this venerable establishment, along with its various customs and memories… An independent façade facing the street, a deep spatial arrangement that gradually increases in density along the axis perpendicular to the street, an exquisite dimensional system to determine the details, and so on – these were the clear results of remaining close to history while adapting concrete prescriptions extracted from constantly honed abstract thought to a new work of architecture. I became sure that one of the most important aspects demanded from architecture is to possess the ambivalent capability of being alive with the richness of history while simultaneously providing an impetus for the future. This work had a decisive meaning for me.

Site area
Building area
Total area
Completion Date
: Kyoto JAPAN
: 3F
: 964m2
: 240m2
: 619m2
: 1981