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Business Center Tbilisi

A successful businessman in Georgia planned to build a “business center” as the base of his business in a hill overlooking Tobilisi city, and held an international architectural design competition. As the result, Shin Takamatsu was designated. The business center is not a mere office building. It consists of guest house, multipurpose hall, large and small conference room, fitness gym, pool, dance hall, indoor tennis court, relaxation space, and the owner’s enormous residence. Also, the client required the best security system and the best existence of architecture. It is a kind of a fortress. The architect is strong at creation of architecture as fortress. Though sizes are different, the architect replied to the requirements with all cultivated method. The method would be said “the Strengthening method of Forms”. The effect is proved by the metallic dignified appearance which suddenly appeared on the hill.

Site area
Building area
Total area
Completion Date
: Tbilisi GEORGIA
: B3F 7F
: 21,507m2
: 4,192m2
: 16,768m2
: 2007