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Wacoal Headquarters

After the Great Hanshin-Awaji Earthquake, the world-famous lingerie manufacturer Wacoal decided to rebuild their headquarters. The client asked me to create “absolutely pure architecture.” This was an exceedingly abstract request. Architecture is generally unconnected to abstraction, which made this a difficult problem. I responded to the challenge by using classical mathematical principle: the golden ratio. I believed that abstractness and concreteness can be instantly unified by this aesthetic, mathematical, and practical concept. Though a pure volume based on the golden ratio, it has in fact been built with great diversity. By installing about twenty different types of glass on the façade, I attempted to maintain a unity uninfluenced by changes in the external environment.

Site area
Building area
Total area
Completion Date
: Kyoto JAPAN
: B1F 11F
: 11,287m2
: 2,889m2
: 33,280m2
: 1999