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Sugawara Social Center

Sugawara Lifelong Learning Center in Hirakata The Sugawara Lifelong Learning Center is a facility that was devised on the basis of a policy of supporting self-motivated study and cultural and artistic activities that help citizens achieve personal development throughout their lives while at the same time promoting local community activities. There are similar facilities at nine locations in the city which are operated on the basis of a close-knit cooperative network, and this facility serves as the core of that network. The program is therefore quite comprehensive, comprising a library, auditorium, music room, art room, cooking room, video studio, etc. Architectural organization was sought by, in some sense, arranging this loose program into two systems, partly by force. The two diagonally-oriented buildings clearly embody this, and the auditorium located in the space between them serves as an intermediary for the two buildings, i.e., the two functional systems.

Site area
Building area
Total area
Completion Date
: Osaka JAPAN
: B1F 3F
: 4,600m2
: -
: 3,493m2
: 1997