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A dentist decided to rebuild the wooden house and dental clinic in which he had been living. The site is located at the northeast corner of the intersection of two heavily trafficked streets. Having lived in this harsh environment for many years, the client asked me for an extremely defensive and robust architecture. A fortress, so to speak. This request provided a great impetus to the thoughts about urban architecture I had always held in secret. Generally, in urban architecture the exterior and the interior should be thought of as completely different dimensions. After all, the exterior should be devised only in terms of its relationship with the urban context, and the interior should be conceived as a perfect expression of a client’s own microcosmos. In this case, the entire architecture became a mask. The severe and extreme demands of the client permitted me to take unparalleled architectural risks. Thinking about it, the origin of the city is nothing other than a fortress.

Site area
Building area
Total area
Completion Date
: Kyoto JAPAN
: 3F
: 163m2
: 113m2
: 307m2
: 1984