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Kirin Plaza Osaka

In terms of disorderliness alone, there is nowhere in Japan that surpasses the locale of this building. In such a locale, my mission was absolutely clear. That is to say, the mission to build a work of architecture that symbolizes a corporation. It is impossible, however, to symbolize a specific corporation without using a specific sign or index. Moreover, architecture has a presence extremely unlike a sign or index. So, theoretically, only one solution remained: the determination that architecture must symbolize architecture itself. That is, the characteristics of the locale as well as an indifferent detachment from that context must be exploited and overwhelmingly intensified in the architecture. Perhaps the precipitation of its aloof intensity, while smeared in this crucible of disorderly meaning, was the only way of supporting the meaning of this vessel as architecture.

Site area
Building area
Total area
Completion Date
: Osaka JAPAN
: B1F 7F
: 505m2
: 356m2
: 2,390m2
: 1987