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Yoshida House

In Kyoto, a city with a 1200-year history, there is a type of traditional architecture known as an ochaya (tea house), for entertaining and serving customers. At first glance it resembles the ordinary machiya (traditional wooden townhouse, common in Kyoto), but the special characteristics of this type of architecture are entirely determined by the various systems that support the ochaya business. That is to say, the spatial composition is in accordance with the social protocols and etiquette of the support systems that must be continuously maintained to provide the necessary human capital, the arrangement of rooms and fittings are in accordance with the patterns of serving customers, and the dimensions and details of each part are in accordance with traditional dance, music, and manners. There is no margin for the architect to act arbitrarily. Furthermore, the site faces a historical street that is unique even in Kyoto, and at 6m wide and 13m deep it is terribly cramped. This challenge inevitably led to the idea of a three-dimensional ochaya. As a result, while the design of each part is in accordance with the given system in its details, the traditional horizontal formalization of the various spaces has been lifted to create a vertically extending composition.

Site area
Building area
Total area
Completion Date
: Kyoto JAPAN
: 4F
: 78m2
: 62m2
: 183m2
: 1982