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Fuchu Community Center

Fuchu City, Hiroshima prefecture decided to construct core facilities possessing comprehensive functions to integrate many scattered welfare sections plus a new section in the city for enhancement of welfare administrative services and network service, and requested Shin Takamatsu to design. A part of the remainder in the site where the existing nursing home built was allotted as the site. The form is L shape and extremely narrow. After the trial and error, the execution plan was created. It was a simple plan, which is side corridor type on all floors, having the entrance zoon on the flexure part. Obviously, residences are arranged on southwest. A small triangle void above the entrance zoon is design to make the architect conspicuous for eyes from the Shinkansen. A reason why the steel construction was chosen is because it was a result of considering the extremely strict schedule and the site form.

Site area
Building area
Total area
Completion Date
: Hirosima JAPAN
: 5F
: 3,110m2
: 851m2
: 3,692m2
: 1998