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Shoji Ueda Museum of Photography

The hometown of photographer Shoji Ueda decided to build a museum that would semi-permanently store and exhibit his works, and at Ueda’s request I was nominated as the architect. The site faces a gently sloping field at the foot of the famed Mt Daisen – for a solitary photographer’s museum, this was more than could have been hoped for. Consequently, I was initially confronted with the unavoidable tasks of how the new architecture would confront this superb landscape, and what kind of form would complement the scenery. Avoiding the huge mass required by the building typology of the museum, I created a group silhouette by dividing the exhibition rooms into clusters, and then surrounded them with a gently curved wall on axis with Mt Daisen. It might be said to mediate the overwhelming nature due to its village-like appearance. People walking around the museum are offered scenes of the beautiful peak of Mt Dasein reflected upside-down in the pools of water between the exhibition rooms. It opens a door from the existing scenery to a new scenery. Ueda was delighted at the similarities between this museum and his photo titled “Four Girls Poses.” It was an honor for me.

Site area
Building area
Total area
Completion Date
: Tottori JAPAN
: 3F
: 16,175m2
: 1,710m2
: 2,825m2
: 1995